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Jon Mayer  piano 
Rufus Reid  
Willie Jones III  drums

The Classics

  1. Solar

  2. Along Came Betty

  3. Little Melonae

  4. Souvenir

  5. Recordame

  6. Solid

  7. Very Early

  8. Ecorah

  9. Don't Misunderstand

  10. Voyage

  11. Ladybird

"What sets Mayer apart is the way he chops up his lines and constantly follows up idea after idea. He's one of those classic post-Bop pianists like Tommy Flanagan who never opts for the easy route, and whose left and right hands have been taught to communicate with one another. There is also communication and simpatico aplenty here between the leader and the by now legendary Rufus Reid and his younger counterpart Willie Jones III on drums." - Cadence Magazine

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